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Its a bonny wee day!

My name is Richard. I love programming.

I grew up learning QBasic at school and absolutely loved it. Being able to write my own software and have the computer get stuff done for me in a quicker and faster way fascinated me.

And as the years went by, I tried my hand at Pascal, C, ASP and eventually landed on PHP as my main language. After many years of working in service and retail, I finally got a job as a programmer, and now I work tirelessly day and night on websites for a major UK charity.

For some reason, I don't get tired of it. I love creating new websites and systems. The more I learn, the more I can create - the better my end product will be.

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I specialise in websites, but a website is not just simply code - It's design, it's feel - It's a way to get your product and your name out there in the wild. I'd love to help you with whatever project it is you need, but you've got to take that all important first step.. and contact me!

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