Chud37.com is my personal project; It will contain everything I have and do all in one handy place.

Always a work in progress, I will update with my latest projects, Ideas, blogs and general chit chatty ness about what I am up to at this point in time. Currently this is my biggest project; You see for the first time I have managed to set up my very own websever and host my own domain on it. This may not seem like a big deal, but it really is. I have always been daunted by the command line of linux, confused by its non-MS-DOS ways, but I am getting the hang of it, and I love it. It's versitile, and a very beautiful way to manage a computer. The file structure alone is lovely, instead of referencing files as C:\Windows\File.com it's all like /var/www/html/index.html. Which is lovely, Just by referencing everything starting with a slash is a very elegant and beautiful way of doing things.

So What's Next?

Well, that's a good question. Now that I have my own server (and command line) I can do many things that I've never been able to do before. NodeJS is certainly something I will be investigating (and already partly have, I managed to install it on another server and get a 'Hello World' program working correctly). I want to build the standard web chat program, which I will of course be hosting on here when It's ready. There are so many technologies out there and I want to give them all a go. But NodeJS is definitely a very exciting one for me, as I've always hated using javascripts setInterval() function to poll the server for new messages and/or updates. But with NodeJS, I can finally have the server push notifcations to me!

Where did this all come from?

It all started with a job I am working on. My good friend Aaron Roach over at Zephi bought a template for it, and in order to get this template to fit in with the current databse of products etc I had to basically learn it and deconstruct it. It wasn't too hard, and it took me about one solid evenings work. But in doing so, I discovered BootStrap, a highly versitile CSS and HTML framework. I'd only just (in the past few months or so) started to use @media queries, and I was quickly learning they were becoming a pain in the arse. They are fiddly, and annoying to write, because you have to write basically three or four different groups of CSS rules for each page. It got tiresome very quickly. Enter BootStrap, which essentially does all the hard work for you when it comes to writing responsive websites.

After a bit of searching and much learning about how BootStrap could change my life, I began to wonder what else I was missing. So I asked reddit. I got a huge response, and from there I ended up installing NodeJS for the first time (I'd always had problems with it in the past, I have no idea why now) and getting that running. I started writing my very first server side scripts in Javascript. I was getting used to the wonderfl CLI of linux. And from there, I installed and set up my very own webserver on which is hosted the page you are reading right now.

All that from a template?

Well, yeah. My horizon has expanded exponentially now as I can fiddle and learn about everything I always wanted to, but never could. Ultimately I would love to learn C++ or some version of C. From there I would program my own Raspberry Pi and do great things. My biggest problem right now is time. I'd like to take a year off really and just learn and learn and learn. But I have a mortgage, and bills, and a wife to look after. So i'll just have to learn in the evenings.